Festival in Tuscany July 2019:Monteriggioni

See a beautiful medieval city, medieval clothes, medieval activities: living all  of this is possible and unforgettable. Medieval Party, Concerts, Banquet
Monteriggioni and the July Medieval Festival.
 The festival is now in its 29thyearly edition,without interruption.It is among the oldest,if not the oldest in Italy.
6 days to immerse  yourself in the Tuscan Middleage

5,6,7 July 2019                12.13,14 July 2019

The 2019 edition of “Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona”, Monteriggioni medieval festival, will be held as follows:

4 July: Banquet at the castle – medieval dinner in the square of Monteriggioni

5,6,7 and 12,13,14 July: Medieval Festival through the streets of the village with shows, jesters, acrobats, artisans, medieval market, taverns.

Historical re-enactment

It is impossible to describe all of the activities they have organized for this year so ,please, visit the website www.monteriggionimedievale.com. and then let’s meet in Monteriggioni!

Thanks to dr. Luca Betti for all of these beautiful photos .

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