🇮🇹We have already been 21 days locked and for Italians seemed impossible. We are people are used to be out in the sun, snow and rain. Our communication even in a world of cell phones and the Internet is still so much into our blood: on buses, in supermarkets, everywhere we talk even if we do not know each other.

When our First Minister said, we had to keep distances and not shake hands: oh mamma mia, that seemed impossible for Italians.

Then when he said we had to be on quarantine into our homes, the first rush was into supermarkets, and in an hour there was not any more flour, yeast, pasta, tomato puree available. 

Now people have learned to use Social media, Skype and everybody communicates more: friends you’ve not heard for weeks, relatives, school mates. Italians are learning to study through Internet and do the  Smart working. 

At the same time at home we are cooking more and more,parents play and talk with their children, table games are back. If a friend lives alone, everybody is calling him/her. It seems there is no free time any more as everybody phone calls, Skypes, WhatsApps( may I use this as a verb?).

Cities are deserted, like in the picture taken by a friend who lives in Santa Maria Novella Square (Florence), people walking with dogs,

we have less pollution, and even Venice water is cleaner. People greet their neighbours they did not realize they had, people sing from the windows, people organize music  groups on the Internet.

We have learned that the State would have to give more money to Hospitals and doctors and nurses and science research.

Some people lost their dearest, lost work, we’re going to face a severe economic time and our doctors, nurses volunteers are exhausted. The situation is challenging, but….., are we learning something?   Hope we are.

Our country is fighting and will come out stronger than before.

Stay Home. Take care and best wishes to everybody.

We’ll have a wonderful Cappuccino all together soon. Ciao from Italy.🇮🇹