Pizza,Italian pizza,Neapolitan pizza: a must.

There are so many recipes to make a good pizza but also some tips are necessary.

Our old friend  Pasquale ,who is a pizzaiolo(pizza maker) gave us a good recipe  for a pizza to be done at home, on condition that we do not take  photograph of him as he it is no longer “nu’ bello guaglione  “( a handsome guy).Here is his recipe and tips ,we like so much.
250 ml. drinking water, not too much lime
300 gr. flour type 00/all purpose/plain flour
100 gr. flour type 0
20 g of fresh yeast (7 of the dry)
2 pinches of sea salt (allowing a better leavening)
4 tablespoons of oil

4 tablespoons of beer if you want a crisp crust (or 4 tablespoons of sparkling water)

Make a well on a board or use a bowl, mix all ingredients until the dough will be smooth, velvety and appropriately moist.

Pizza to rise

Put  the dough in a bowl, make a cut cross on top of it  to help with the rising.
You can leave in a warm room with a cloth covering it, or heat the oven to the lowest temperature, turn it off and let it into the dough to rise.
The best is to let it rise for two hours.
Stretch the dough  by hands ,no rolling pin. Easy to say but not to make .

A certain technique is necessary.

Topping, not more than 3 The topping  for the pizza  are chosen according to personal taste , but it should never be too many.Thin layer of tomato purée.

With mozzarella

With mozzarella and anchovies.

Mozzarella cut in small pieces,it distributes itself better .

Oven temperature The Pizza is definitely better if cooked in a wood  oven  but not all families can organize this .So just have it done  in the oven at home. Bake at 220 ° C/400 °F for about 20/25 minutes

 Another possibility is the oven we’re using today the Pizza Express by Ferrari. Beautiful one as it reaches high temperature faster than a normal oven and  cooks the pizza in 4 minutes.(no paid ad:) )

If you want to taste the scent and fragrance in all its intensity,
pizza must be eaten fresh from the oven

With such a high temperature it may have some dark areas.