Chocolate Gelato Cake

A slice of chocolate gelato cake

International Chocolate Day, what is better than a frozen chocolate cake when it is so hot.

And then, similar to the cake with berries, let’s start with a base of vanilla Italian ice cream/gelato. We let it freeze for 2 hours.

Then we make another vanilla ice cream/gelato but add pieces of chocolate, so it becomes a nice stracciatella.

And let’s make a second layer. Let it freeze for two hours.

And then? chocolate ice cream/gelato

CHOCOLATE GELATO The chorus of the song from the 80s, presented by the Tuscan Pupo, still occasionally plays in the ear

Gelato al cioccolato
dolce e un po’ salato
tu gelato al cioccolato
un bacio al cioccolato
io te l’ho rubato……..”

“Chocolate ice cream
sweet and a little ‘salty
you chocolate ice cream
a chocolate kiss
I’ve stolen from me ……..

100 gr. dark chocolate
1 egg
200 gr. sugar
250 gr.  whipping cream
250 gr. milk

Half a vanilla bean
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler with a little milk, flavor with vanilla.

Leave to  cool.
Beat the egg with the sugar, dilute with milk, cream and melted chocolate.

Prepare the gelato.

The third layer is ready. 

We let it freeze for at least two hours and then serve our chocolate cake with pieces of dark chocolate all over.

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