Among many wines, cocktails that are normally offered to toast we have chosen the red Campari spritz for its intense ruby red color, which is good luck for everyone.

A real costume phenomenon, Campari Spritz was born in Milan; it is a very consumed aperitif, widespread, it involves from late morning to pre-evening also because the alcohol content is about 8°.


  • 5 parts of Prosecco
  • 3 parts of Campari
  • 2 parts of sparkling water


• Fill a glass with ice, pour the Prosecco, carbonated water, Campari ,mix and serve. Campari must be added as the last ingredient, that is, after ice, prosecco and sparkling water because it is heavier than the other ingredients : pouring it into the glass before the others means risking letting it settle on the bottom, with all the consequences on the flavor.

Use a tall glass and garnish your Spritz Campari with a slice of orange.

Ideas and variants

For a more bitter taste, you can use Seltz or tonic water instead of sparkling water.

The Spritz, a mixture of water and sparkling wine, originated in 1917 during the First World War during the Austrian occupation in North of Italy: soldiers used to stretch wine with water to temper its alcohol content; even today, each variant of a Spritz-aperitif, does not reach more than 11 °.

 Happy 2021 to all those who go on,to their toil and their hope.