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Today is Earth Day .Is it enough to have a day for Earth? What can we do for Earth?

 In 1953 Jean Giono wrote the book, “The man who planted trees”:incredibly interesting as it invited people to re-forest the Earth .The man did not plant trees already grown but acorns, because he knew that the seeds would have deeper roots in the earth, they would have breathed the soil much better than plants with already roots that would branch superficially.

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Einstein is said to remind how bees are important. Surely the pollination work they do is crucial. And then honey and royal jelly, propolis reinforce our body. But it’s not fair that in some places bees are forced to produce more honey.

Eating meat or not may be a personal choice but the important thing is respect for farmed animals. A shepherd explained to me that as a child he always played with lambs but could not give them a name because one day they would feed him: he told it with respect and simplicity thanking for the gift that the animal had given him.

Having your own vegetable garden is a lot of people’s dream so you can grow vegetables or have fruit trees without using pesticides, but you know how  hard  is to cultivate, fight insect attacks “evenly” or produce something even if weather is not in favor. Last week, in the middle of Spring, wine producers were along the rows making fires to keep the plants warm so that the first  gems did not freeze.

 An old man told me that when his grandfather made bread he gave each person in the family a slice ,but the size depended on the need: the smaller one received less than the biggest but was entitled to a little more milk. And so that slice of bread was respected. Respect for food is no waste .

And  the point is :respect for plants ,for animals- from the smallest to the biggest . Respect for pollinator insects, for ants that spread seeds, for flies that help composting, for the farmer who has fewer animals but keeps them well, baker who spent the night working and making the bread that we like so much, for……

 You  may know the nursery rhyming by Gianni Rodari ,sang by Sergio Endrigo “per fare il legno ci vuole l’alberoper fare l’albero ci vuole il semeper fare il seme ci vuole  frutto. per fare il frutto ci vuole il fiore… per fare tutto ci vuole un fio-o-re.”

In English is more or less like this” you need a tree to make some wood. you need a seed to make a tree. you need a fruit to make a seed. you need a flower to make a fruit. you need a flower. you need a flower. you need a flower to make everything.”

All together, step-by-step  we can be a”what a beautiful world”! What do you think?