Is it possible to travel Gluten Free in Italy? The answer is yes.

  Italy is a country in which you can travel easily if you have to eat gluten free, it may seem strange since it is the country of pizza, bread, pasta but the answer is precisely in this fact.

In Italy we have a high percentage of people who eat gluten free as celiac and in recent years a percentage of people who choose this diet regardless of celiac disease. Doctors do not always agree on the gluten-free choice for everyone but in any case ,with so much interest, many studies have been done to give everyone the opportunity to eat traditional dishes, to be able to live easier social relationships. You have lunch away from home for work or need, but often for the pleasure of sharing, meeting friends, celebrating holidays and symbolic moments of your life and now this is much easier also for gluten-free diets.

Castagnaccio Chestnut Flour Cake

 Many traditional Italian recipes do not create problems such as sauces for pasta, meats, fish or vegetables. The use of other grains, such as buckwheat in an excellent salad, such as chestnut flour in the traditional Castagnaccio, or the total absence of flour in ricotta cake.

Otherwise nowadays you can buy flours or Gluten Free pasta really with a good flavor, and there are also many ready-made products. All these ingredients are easily available in supermarkets.

All products are marked with the traditional crossed-out corn ear.

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Flavor has been at the center of research for many years. Gluten-free products have become more pleasant from the point of view of taste, texture and aroma. The sensory aspects of the product have become the focus of the research of many companies.

Ricotta Cheese Cake

 With a strong interest in this topic, many restaurants have also updated and offer many possibilities, they not only offer the possibility of choice for GF dishes but guarantee total safety for customers with an environment in which spaces and surfaces dedicated to gluten-free are organized to avoid the risk of accidental contamination of the dish.

Buckwheat salad

AIC (Italian Celiac Association) or Dr.Schaer have created very useful apps with information about available products and restaurants.

And then : have a good trip to Italy and a good appetite !