Special day for the Azzurri ( Italian sport teams are called Light Blue), we want to dedicate them the bluest cocktail the Angelo azzurro= The light Blue Angel. Today is an exciting day for the Italians: for the first time an Italian at the Wimbledon final, congratulations to Berrettini and then the Final of the European Soccer Championship for a young Italian team that proved to be a great team.

Gin or limoncello 6 cl = 4 tbsp.

Triple Sec or Cointreau 3 cl = 2 tbsp.

 Blue Curaçao 1 cl = ½ tbsp.

The Blue Angel is a cocktail born in the nineties, a long drink in great demand in the disco, it is among the most alcoholic, has about 35 ° vol. The origin of its name is uncertain, in part it is due to the power that this cocktail has to lose lucidity, and therefore to “fly”, but also to its blue color due to one of the ingredients, the Blue Curaçao, bitter orange liqueur of Caribbean origins.

Perhaps this cocktail is a variant of the Blue Lagoon, a drink born in Italy between the fifties and sixties, perhaps a tribute to the homonymous film by Marlene Dietrich of 1930. For others, Angelo Azzurro, refers to one of the names attributed to Ken Shiro, a famous character of the Japanese cartoons of the eighties.

How to prepare the Blue Angel

Pour gin, cointreau and blue curaçao into an ice shaker, shake well and serve immediately in a previously cooled Martini glass decorated with a cherry or a slice of lime, or serve it on the rocks in a low tumbler like the old fashioned, with ice.

 You can also prepare the Blue Angel directly in the tumbler with 3 or 4 ice cubes: add the three ingredients one at a time, mix with a long teaspoon, like the spoon bar used by the barmen, and serve well cold.

In bocca al lupo agli Azzurri !!