What is edible gelatin?

Edible gelatin is a thickener that serves precisely to thicken dishes in which it is added. For example, we use gelatin in the preparation of our panna cotta, Summer Birthday Cake that do not require cooking.

We have two animal  origin gelatines:

Gelatin in sheets (fish glue)

Gelatin in powder (or granular)

These two types of gelatin are interchangeable

In addition to these two types of gelatin of animal origin, we can also find a completely vegetable gelatin called Agar Agar. Agar Agar is usually sold in granular form (but not only) and is used in the same way as gelatin powder.

Gelatin must always be rehydrated before it is used, regardless of the type and format of the gelatin. The indications you find in this article are only general information about use. Each brand produces gelatin with a different grade of Bloom (a unit of measurement indicating the gelling power),so it is always advisable to follow the instructions for use indicated in the package

Gelatin in sheets or “Fish gelatin”(the one in the photo)

Gelatin in sheets should be dipped in cold water for 10-15 minutes. In this period the gelatin absorbs part of the liquid and softens. Then just heat and dissolve the gelatin or squeeze it well and incorporate it into a hot mixture, following the recipe we are preparing.

Gelatin powder and Agar Agar

Powdered or granular gelatin (of animal origin) and Agar Agar should generally be incorporated in liquid form if they are to thicken cold dishes, or added directly if they have to thicken hot dishes

A small amount of water should be added to the gelatin and rehydrated for about 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes the gelatin will have absorbed the water. Just heat over low heat, mix well and pour the liquid into the mixture to thicken. Then bring everything in the refrigerator until solidification has taken place.

It is essential for all types of gelatin never to bring it to a boil.

If the mixture to be thickened is hot, it is possible to pour the gelatin directly into the mixture at the end of processing.

In the case of Agar Agar, some manufacturers indicate to pour it into the hot mixture directly and cook it for at least three minutes.

Which gelatin to prefer ?Apart from the Agar Agar  chosen if you are preparing vegetarian dishes ,the others are very similar.

We like the sheets very much as it’s easy to check if they’re well melted in our dish.

Hope  this information is useful .Buon lavoro !