Summer Birthday Cake

One of the most popular classic  summer birthday cakes: the cake with yogurt is delicious, good and perfect to amaze both the celebrated and the guests. There are many versions, but the one with strawberries and berries remains delicate and fresh for the summer.
Today for Simonetta’s birthday we quickly made this cake.
•150 g =2/3 cups of butter            ••200 g=7 oz. of kind of Marie cookies/ biscuits   
•• 2 sheets of icing gelatin            ••1/4 glass of water       •• 1/2 glass of milk
•• 450 ml =1.9 cups of yogurt       ••40 g=1/4 cup of powdered/icing sugar
••100 g =3/4 cups of berries          •• 150 ml =3/4 of liquid fresh whipping cream
 Melt the butter cut into chunks in a saucepan
Break the cookies  until you get a fine consistency.
Add the butter, stir and put the mixture on the bottom of a buttered pan, compacting it with your hands
Put it in the refrigerator.
 Put the gelatine in the water and let it soften .Throw the water away.
Heat the milk  a couple of minutes and add it to the gelatine.
 Mix and incorporate the yogurt as well.
Whip the cream in a separate bowl with icing/powdered sugar
 Add it to the other ingredients, folding.
Pour the mixture obtained over the bottom of cookies and level the surface with the back of a spoon.
 Store the cake in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours and, before serving, decorate it with berries.
Ideas and variants
Use coffee, banana, strawberry or vanilla yogurt, for a dessert even more in line with your desires!

2 thoughts on “Summer Birthday Cake

  1. The birthday cake recipe sounds so good and looks very pretty. What is gelatin icing?


  2. Ciao Janet,thank you for reading our blog.Your question is so good and today I’m posting about gelatine so I can add photos,too.Hope to be useful.Try the cake !


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