The fried cod is a dish based on fish with an unmistakable and truly special flavor, if you love this fish. Crunchy outside and soft inside, it is great for holiday tables, especially during the Christmas period.

Fried cod is prepared with salted cod  soaked for at least 12 hours to be taken into account when preparing the recipe. We write a precise explanation about the soaking in the recipe  Italian Baccalà=Salted Codfish with chickpeas .With a lower soaking time you risk a salty and hard cod.

You need about 600 grams=21 oz. of salted cod for 4 people, which corresponds to about 400 grams =14 oz.of desalted product.

400g “Baccalà”=14 oz. (codfish preserved in salt)
150g=5 oz flour Black pepper seed oil (grape, sunflower, grape, peanuts)  
tomato sauce

Drain the cod  and dry  it with a piece of kitchen paper.

Slice it into regular pieces and pepper it.

 Coat the pieces of cod with flour.

Get the oil hot in a pan

 Fry the cod till golden.

  Serve it while still hot.

If you like you can accompany it with tomato sauce, garlic and parsley or cook some potatoes with it.

 The fried cod should be prepared and enjoyed at the moment, hot and crispy. If you need to store it for a while, put it on a plate with a sheet of kitchen paper underneath, in the warm oven.

Serve with a cold white wine. Buon appetito!