In Italy many times at the small grocer’s shop we find beautiful, salted anchovies but certainly we do not think about buying one or two only. Have you ever tried to say” 2 anchovies” to the grocer? Impossible. At least ten anchovies but we do not eat all at the same time. What do we do with them? Simple: we place them in jars ready for future needs.

10 anchovies in salt

An onion or better a spring onion



 a spoonful of capers


Filet the anchovies under lightly running water,i.e., pass the thumb from the belly of the anchovy to the tail, detaching the central bone, head, and tail

After filleting all the anchovies, rinse quickly under water to remove the excess salt, especially from the outside of the fillet in contact with the brine.

 Dry the fillets with kitchen paper.

Slice an onion or better a spring onion

Prepare a tablespoon of chopped parsley

Arrange the anchovies, onion, capers, parsley in layers in a jar and cover with oil

Once the anchovies are prepared in oil, they will last a very long time both in and out of the refrigerator.

When serving the anchovies add a clove of garlic cut into slices

Small anchovy pieces are nice in a salad or generally with vegetables, on pizza, on a slice of bread or to prepare a spaghetti sauce.