Ruby pink chocolate hearts

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There are so many ways. This year we decided to make many little hearts for friends. The hearts you see are made of shortcrust pastry, we have already talked about this dough for cookies/biscuits and for crostata. We prepare the dough, roll it out and cut it in the right shape.

And then a small variation: the discovery of Ruby chocolate .It is natural pink. It is not a chocolate with the addition of dye. After the dark, milk and white chocolate, Ruby chocolate is a really notable discovery of the last 80 years. A gift of nature that surprises and dazzles with an absolutely new color and taste, born from Ruby cocoa beans, without the addition of dyes or  fruit aromas.

The new creature of the Callebaut house is a chocolate with an intense and well-defined aroma, neither bitter nor sweet but composed of a mix of strong and fruity aromas.

We prepared shortcrust cookies /biscuits, clearly heart-shaped and then covered them with a light ruby chocolate glaze.

For the glaze we tried to use a few ingredients to leave all the flavor of chocolate.

100 gr=3/4 cup ruby chocolate 3 tablespoons milk 20 gr.=1/8 icing sugar.

Melt the chocolate with milk in a bain-marie/double boiler. When totally melted, add the confectioners/ icing sugar and mix it perfectly. Cover the cookies/biscuits totally or only half and, if you like, add a little chopped pistachio.

A kind thought for Valentine’s Day.

Note: Another Valentine’s Day gift for grandparents and children is an online cooking class. Click here for information.