The dish we prepare today can be served as an appetizer or as a  vegetable side dish.

It is not mandatory to serve it in this form, the important thing is the mix of the three flavors.

100 gr. =3/4 lentils. So wonderful, check the sauce

30 leaves  of young  black cabbage.We already suggested to use it on slices of bread or as a pesto

 1 red pepper Palermo.We already talked about them for a pasta sauce

2 cloves Garlic 

 1/2 small onion

1/2 carrot

1 celery rib

4 tablespoons EVOO

Fine salt

 Chop garlic, onion, carrot,celery fine

Pour a tablespoon of oil into a pan, add the cut vegetables

After 2 minutes add the lentils, cover with water add 1 teaspoon of salt

Slice the black cabbage large 

In another pot pour a tablespoon of oil and a clove of garlic, just hot add the black cabbage 

Cut the pepper into slices.

Pour a tablespoon of oil into a saucepan and cook the pepper until soft.

After 20 minutes the lentils and cabbage are cooked, turn off and let them  cool.

Take a stainless steel oval ring mold with push, insert lentils for 3/4 and push well. Let stand 5 minutes

Remove the ring, cover the top with black cabbage and decorate with 2 pieces of peppers. 

Very good to be served hot but also cold and therefore perfect for preparing an elegant small appetizer. Perfect and healthy for everyone! 

 In English “ring mold with push”,in Italian Coccapasta. Coppapasta are very fashionable utensils today. It is becoming increasingly easy to find them even in large retailers. They are mainly used to “coppare” that is to cut fresh handmade pasta or even for other types of pasta. They are also used to give shape to the preparations, to serve pasta, vegetables, meat and everything you want to give a pleasant appearance.

For years they were completely unknown to most people and now they are enjoying  a great success.

Try them ,for presentation ,are very useful.In Italian we say”L’occhio vuole la sua parte”(Eye needs its part,i.e. looks also count). Many times healthy food is not the most attractive, but we can help it!