If in the center of Florence you see an endless queue you are near  Antico Vinaio.

Tommaso Mazzanti is the king of schiacciate: he divides them into two still steaming and stuffs them with many fantastic ingredients: sbriciolona,( a special salami that falls apart easily) finocchiona( a Tuscan salami with fennel seeds), Tuscan prosciutto, salami, the famous homemade sauces.

It all started with a small shop opened by Mazzanti’s parents in 1989 in via De’ Neri 74r

 Antico Vinaio has multiplied, and new premises have been opened in Florence.

Among the secrets of success, are a great job of organization and preparation, the excellent and opulent schiacciate, the price accessible to all, and the extraordinary success of social channels.

Now it has opened in Milan, Rome, New York, Los Angeles.In Florence, you can have it delivered(that’s what we do as we don’t like lines)

Antico Vinaio has its own top 5 of the schiacciata, they are the most requested in Florence

1 – La Favolosa The Fabulous

 Ingredients: the sbriciolona with homemade pecorino cream, artichoke cream, spicy grilled eggplant.

2 – L’Inferno Hell

 Ingredients: Tuscan porchetta with piccantina( a little spicy hot) cream, grilled vegetables, fresh rocket.

3-La Schiacciata del boss The boss schiacciata

Ingredients: raw ham with semi-seasoned pecorino cheese and truffle cream

4 – La Dante Dante

 Ingredients: capocollo with fresh stracchino, truffle cream, fresh rocket

5 – La Summer The Summer

 Ingredients: raw ham, mozzarella fior di latte, fresh tomato, basil

. In Florence there will be a dozen places that make equally good schiacciate, the “case” Antico Vinaio is all in having Tommaso Mazzanti, immerse yourself in the scent of hot schiacciata and all the other attractive ingredients.

The social channels, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, have pushed the notoriety of the Antico Vinaio to the unbelievable.

But where the success of the Antico Vinaio really comes from? the Tuscan schiacciata and the products to fill it and the homemade sauces. Having a really good schiacciata needs time and love of the panaio(bread maker), and the fillings must be chosen well and a lot of imagination in mixing them.

Is it possible to do it yourself? Try, it will not be the same thing but certainly of great satisfaction and understanding of the work behind these stuffed schiacciate.

Recipe for Tuscan schiacciata .Click here

Buon lavoro e buon appetito !