These days in Italy it seems to be the end of summer even if we are at the end of October: hot and no rain. We can enjoy the sun but also a gelato/Italian ice cream out of normal time.

 We tried a curiosity we had heard about: vanilla, salted caramel, and pretzels gelato.

Magnificent: if you like the sweet flavor with a hint of salt this is your gelato.

Very simple and also homemade and the quantities of each element depend on your taste.

We used a cup of our vanilla gelato(recipe here).

Half a cup of our salted caramel(recipe here)

 and 10 pretzel sticks.

We broke the pretzels into small pieces and mixed them with the other ingredients.

All are served with small pretzels.

Very fast and with great flavor! Good gelato! Here served with chocolate gelato/Italian ice cream.