Pasta, the dish most loved by Italians, and not only. With all kinds of pasta and sauces that accompany it, we should make a very long list. Today we limit ourselves to a few suggestions. Remember, however, that no one should be surprised in Italy as we do not serve pasta with the piece of meat next to it, like pasta with chicken cacciatore but only pasta with the sauce we choose, which can be made with or without meat, with or without tomato.

 Read our article on what is pasta sauce and do not be surprised when you are in Italy, at a restaurant, or with your family.

A bit different from the most popular flavors try:

Homemade Turmeric Pasta with Shrimps  and Orange

Palermo Peperoni (bell peppers/capsicum)Pasta Sauce

 Marinetti sauce

Ash Pasta sauce

For baked pasta, always convenient to prepare in advance and then ready when guests arrive or family is big

Green Lasagne

Pasta Parmigiana

For the summer we think of Pasta salad

 Italian Summer  pasta

And with all the pumpkins you are preparing, use the Pumpkin sauce.

smell the scent ?

Have a nice Pasta day !!!