The nest of agretti with colored boiled egg is a nice appetizer to brighten the Easter table in an extremely healthy way

Agretti is a typical spring vegetable, its name comes from its acrid, sour taste. We have already proposed them in a blog for a  pasta sauce.

Agretti nest

Agretti,simply blanched and seasoned with a little oil, they are perfect to welcome colored hard-boiled eggs and thus become the protagonist of the Easter table.

Colored eggs

Symbol par excellence of Easter, they cannot miss as a symbol of rebirth to new life.

For strong yellow color, hard boil the egg.

 Leave it for a few hours in a glass of water where we have dissolved a tablespoon of turmeric.

The recipe

For each nest will need:

 150 g (half a cup)agretti

1 colored boiled egg

 edible flowers, we suggest some in the blog about edible flowers




1. Clean the vegetable by removing the roots at the base, then rinse the stems and blanch them for 2 minutes in boiling salted water.

2. Drain, put them in a bowl and season with oil, salt and pepper.

3. Create nests directly in the serving dish, lay the boiled egg in the center, decorate with edible flowers

Easy dish ,cute presentation: Buon appetito.