Original Biscotti di Prato by Biscottificio Antonio Mattei

Biscottificio Antonio Mattei Shop
 You know how much we love Biscotti di Prato by themselves or served with vin Santo and that ‘s why on a recent post of ours we gave you the traditional home-made recipe for them.But if you really like them you have to taste the original recipe by Biscottificio Antonio Mattei.
In 1858, in Prato(30 minuttes from Florence) Antonio Mattei opened his biscuit factory and store and made a dry almond biscuit/cookie, from a recipe of his own invention, which became Prato’s most typical and traditional biscuit/cookie.
The biscuit factory is still in Prato and it’s possible to go and visit.
Anyway,on the 160th anniversary since being founded, the Biscottificio Antonio Mattei (biscuit factory) opened its Piccolo Museo Bottega (small museum shop) in the heart of Florence where it is possible to visit the archive of memorabilia and documents that tell the story of the company and the Pandolfini family, that has been running it since 1904 when they inherited it from Antonio Mattei.
What’s really great for us is to see this younger generation of the family still involved in the bussiness with so much enthusiasm.
Tasting Biscotti
At the Piccolo Museo Bottega it is possible to buy their products, not only limited to the Biscotti di Prato,and -even better- taste their well known biscuits/cookies( by themselves of with some coffe or a vin santo)
Blue Packages in a row
You’re not going to be in Florence for a while ?don’t worry ,have a look at their website and order on line their special Blue Package.
All of their wonderful products !

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