At the beginning of  2020, for some strange reason, the word resilience came to my mind.

At the time of the Sanremo Song Festival, I heard it pronounced in two songs, and then I went to look for the precise meaning.


So I discovered that it has meanings in psychology, physics, sociology and economics. And today this is the word for my country, for Italy.

Resilience is a concept that indicates the ability to cope with traumatic events in a positive way, to positively reorganize one’s life in the face of difficulties.

Look at Italy while we are limited and we need to stay more at home.We can enjoy Italia-Italy in many different ways.


Let’s put aside the eating and drinking that I always deal with,.We can talk about cities

on Youtube, we find magnificent tours of empty cities: these are strange but even more enjoyable,

for example Florence and Milan

Castel del Monte

Tribute to Italy photo collection by Steve McCurry on Instagram and Youtube


We visit museums through Gran Virtual Tour on

Let’s listen to the music with the hashtag # iosuonodacasa , used by many contemporary Italian singers.

But also the Opera with and Operaonthesofa

Don’t miss Bocelli solo performance on Easter day.


If you want to practice Italian, use the Raiplay app for old movies


For fashion, just mention Giorgio Armani

  “This crisis is a wonderful opportunity to slow down everything, to realign everything, to draw a more authentic and true horizon”.

But now that the problem is in many countries, we can say “union is strength” because we are  “sulla stessa barca”( on the same boat). How do you say it in your language?

Home in Tuscany

Take care. A big virtual hug to you.