Prawns with sweet and sour peppers ,in Italian Gamberi con peperoni in agrodolce, are a second course but, if necessary, also a really delicious and colorful appetizer

prawns 600 gr/ 20 oz

1 red pepper                 1 green pepper                               1 yellow pepper

Few drops balsamic vinegar                1 tablespoon  sugar                            salt 2 pinches

 Heat a generous round of oil with a clove of garlic in a pan.

Meanwhile clean, wash and cut the peppers into strips, then add them to the pan with the hot oil.

Let the peppers cook over a high heat, salting properly.

Heat another round of oil in another pan and, when hot, add the shelled prawns , to which you have removed the black casing ,and brown them; once browned, keep them warm.

Add a tablespoon of sugar to the pan with the peppers, then let it melt

shaded with little balsamic vinegar.

After a few minutes turn off the heat under the peppers which must be slightly withered but still crunchy.

Serve the prawns with the sweet and sour peppers, adjust the salt and serve immediately.

The best method to have less difficulty digesting peppers is to buy them in season and, possibly, fully ripe. The pepper in fact contains a substance, solanine, which makes it not very digestible and that disappears as the pepper ripens, thanks to the action of the sun.

Another method is to remove the white parts and the seed inside.

Others insist that the outer skin should be removed.