Holiday Season,it’s time for Gift or to organise Parties with friends and relatives.Why not doing online?Let’s take a virtual Hands-on Italian Cooking Class with Toscana Mia .

Two dishes every time

2 Color Fettuccine and Chicken Tuscan Way

2 Colors Fettuccine and Chocolate Cake with a Soft Heart

Butternut Squash\Pumpkin Ravioli with Mushroom sauce

Classic Lasagna and White Lasagna (perfect for vegetarian )

Potato Gnocchi with a Mixed Vegetable sauce

Potato Gnocchi and Chocolate cake with a Soft heart

3 Color Gnocchi and Butter , Wine and Sage Sauce

Fettuccine and Tomato sauce with Aromatic Herbs

and many more ideas .

Have a look at what we offer on our Gift Card Page for Multi-Location & Team Building Cooking Classes.

Cooking Class gift are perfect for celebrating a birthday or anniversary, for a shared experience with a parent or child, or to organise a fun hang out with friends to exchange virtual wishes.