It seems Springs is arriving so we can enjoy the last time in front of the fireplace. Let’s have a nice cocktail in front of the fire.


• 1/3 of gin

• 1/3 of Campari or Martini bitters

• 1/3 of Red Vermouth

• slice of orange

• ice

Serve it old fashioned short drink or tumbler glass

Negroni is a cocktail with a dry and bitter taste and easy to make, just be careful of the doses and add the ice at the end.

The history of Negroni is very fascinating: this cocktail, which in 2019 turned 100 years old, is the typical aperitif very widespread in Tuscany, a classic in Florence.

It was invented in 1919 by and for Count Camillo Negroni: returning from one of his many trips to London, the Count asked the barman Fosco Scarselli of the elegant Caffè Casoni in Florence “a good dose of gin” in the usual Milan-Turin Cocktail

If Negroni is too strong you can opt for the Americano

 Despite the name, all the ingredients of the Americano cocktail are proudly Italian, it is not by chance also known by the name of Milan-Turin Cocktail, the two cities where bitters and vermouth were born. Although the Milan-Turin cocktail already existed before, it was born in the mid-1800s, and was served without ice, without soda or lemon. It was a simple blend of vermouth, the real Italian aperitif, and bitters. The birth of the American dates back to the late 1900s, when the Americans began to take the Italian aperitif, adding soda and ice, in the manner of highballs, that is, elongated cocktails with soda or other sparkling filled.

 Why is this an iconic cocktail? The bitter background note, tempered by soda and orange make the Americano the perfect cocktail for the aperitif. It has the right balance, a complex taste, but never difficult . Not to mention that it goes well with every finger food.


• 5/10 bitters

• 5/10 red vermouth

• soda

• ice

• long cut lemon zest

Fill the glass with ice and pour Campari bitters and vermouths, top with soda, stir, then garnish with lemon zest.Glass:low Tumbler,but also great for a long drink version.

Salute ! Cin cin!