At the end of April 2020 I was writing about the Italian resilience character and the new videos and courses we had organized: I did not know how many more steps further my sister Simonetta and me would have taken.

To better explain these steps  probably I have to take a couple of steps backward.

Italians by birth ( father from Apulia, mother from Verona) but Tuscan by adoption Simonetta & Paola ,sisters  with different characters and attitudes ,took separate ways -years ago:Simonetta  degreed in Biology ,started working in research laboratories and then in the nutrition field.Paola- degreed in Foreign Languages -started working in International Relations.

Together we opened a School of Italian Language for Foreigners in Florence .

Requested by some of our students  to teach some Italian Cooking ,we decided this was much funny, entertaining and gratifying.

In 2002 Toscana Mia cooking School was born, years of beautiful experiences.A dream coming through:mixing the love for Italian Cooking and  deep interest in meeting people from all over the world.

We have had students, well actually this is not the proper word to be used-guests, friends? beautiful people of all ages and nationalities joining us and our kitchens in Tuscany.

Hours around a table  to prepare  a typical Italian meal and  time around the table  to enjoy the result of our work:chatting, drinking, exchanging infos about the various countries.

In this way we started our Toscana Mia Sisters career.

Well ,now I finished the remembrance ,even if many of ours students/guests/friends in their emails, FB messages etc. remind us of those times.Ok look for something different in a different year:

in 2020 we started   with some videos on Youtube .

The first moment it was so difficult:we were smiling but nobody was smiling back, we were talking but nobody talking back.

I have to admit that this was possible only as Simonetta pertinaciously  learnt how to work with PC, Audio, Video, earbuds and I worked on my personal horrible tendency to talk even to the walls(as my daughters say).

Then we started some cooking classes on Skype .

We finally had smiles back.

We went on with Cooking Classes on Zoom and Amazon.

All of this is probably easy if you’re in your thirties, but we are far away from that.

Anyway, what to say: so happy  about this new  great experiences: possibility of seeing old friends  again and  meeting new ones, learning a lot  about  new technologies, about food packaging, ingredients’ availability in other countries, and much more.

For sure ASAP we’ll start our Cooking Classes in Tuscany,on site, in our kitchens,again.

I’m just wandering what is waiting for Toscana Mia Sisters in future, what do we have to expect  in future .

Cooking classes on Mars ?

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