We often need something something sweet,not too sweet,not too heavy and with a little chocolate.

It’s time for a simple small glass of yogurt with a little extra flavor and the use of the skins of the pears that we otherwise throw away(better into the compost).

Servings 4

 40 g  = 1 oz. extra dark chocolate

 20 g =  1  ½ tbsp.cocoa powder

 20 g = 2 tbsp. chocolate chips

 2 organic pears

 125 g  = ½ cup white yogurt

 1 tablespoon sugar

3  biscuits /cookies (something as crunchy as  biscotti)

 Wash well and peel the pears.

 Wash well and peel the pears.

 Cook the peels for a few minutes in a pot, with little water and sugar,

Chop them very fine

Crumble the cookies/biscuits

 Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie

 Dip 4 teaspoons (excluding the handles!) in the melted chocolate and put them to cool in the refrigerator.

 In a glass cup layer in succession: a few drops of chocolate, a layer of yogurt, a sprinkling of cocoa, layer of pears’peels , a layer of crumbled biscuit.

 Serve with the teaspoon dipped in chocolate.: the teaspoon becomes part of the recipe!