End of day aperitif with friends or colleagues? Of course Aperol Spritz !

Light cocktail with unmistakable taste and characteristic orange color, warm and sunny, the most traditional and loved of aperitif

The original Spritz recipe, dating back to the 1920s and 1930s and disputed between Padua, Venice and Treviso (land of Prosecco),provides equal quantities of soda and white wine.

Aperol Spritz spread in the 40s-50s: Spritz, prepared with sparkling white Veneto wine and sparkling water, began to be stained with a dose of typical orange liqueur: Aperol, bitter alcoholic aperitif ,Campari since 2003, born in Bassano del Grappa in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers

Making this colorful drink at home is really simple. We recommend it even if you have a less than excellent white wine at home, which you don’t know how to consume.

One of the most popular variants is to use Prosecco as a white wine: the recipe for Aperol spritz with prosecco is particularly popular in the Treviso area.

3 parts of  white wine or Prosecco

 2 parts of Aperol

 1 splash of Seltz or Soda or carbonated mineral water

 slice of orange

Tip:Pour the ice into the glass immediately, in this way Prosecco will preserve its sparkling part better.

 First fill the glass with ice and pour the prosecco. Keep the neck of the bottle near the glass and pour slowly, so as not to make too much foam.

 Add Aperol and a splash of soda with a siphon.  You can replace the soda with sparkling mineral water.

 With a spoon make a movement from the bottom up, as if you were to bring the ice up, but do not mix or risk exhausting the cocktail. Top with a slice of orange.

Aperol Spritz, codified since 2011 as Italian Spritz or Venetian Spritz.

To prepare the Aperol Spritz recipe you will not need any specific barman equipment: you can pour and mix the ingredients directly in a glass (it is perfectly fine to use a classic tumbler).

If you want to present the aperitif well, you can use a  big glass instead of the tumbler: it certainly makes more scene! And simply decorate it with half a slice of orange

It wouldn’t be a real aperitif if you didn’t accompany the Aperol  Spritz with some finger food and various snacks (bruschette,salami, pizzettine, etc.),

If the drink will be served to many people, we advise you to prepare it in large bowl, and then pour it into individual glasses at the time of drinking.

Salute ! Cin Cin !