What is Chianti ?

If you look for this word on Google the first answer Is wine, the well known Chianti Classico wine. This is right  but before the wine there was already the area.

Chianti is an area between Florence and Siena, in Tuscany ,in the centre of Italy .With a history that goes back to the Etruscan time ,it’s so beautiful with its rolling hills, chestnut woods, lines of vineyards and olive groves and ancient stone  houses.

I decided to post some photos from this area avoiding wine, food and the symbol of the area, the Black Rooster. We’ll talk about them another time.

We have so many photos taken since we moved here 30 years ago,that it was difficult to decide .Today we’ll have a look only to the so called Chianti Storico-Chianti Classico area whose most important towns are  Castellina, Gaiole and Radda in Chianti with a population around 7500 in total.

Imagine to immerse yourself in nature ,cultivated fields and small villages  built in the XIII cen. 

Castellina in Chianti, whose name of course derives from a Castle
Gaiole in Chianti. So well known nowadays for L’Eroica ,that started here because cycling in Chianti is more than beautiful
Radda in Chianti,up on a hilly beautiful walk among cute small shops and wine tastings.Would you miss any of them?

San Sano, a cute small village whose symbol is a drunk frog.

Brolio Castle where the story of Chianti Classico wine started

and the gorgeous Italian style gardens at Brolio Castle.

Chiantisculpturepark ,a walk through integration of Art and Nature
Roads are sometimes small, like in Lecchi, but everybody stops to let you go through and say Buongiorno to you,
And the end of the day with its immeasurable colours.
Its’ red:tomorrow is going to be a beautiful sunny day.