The origin of the Russian Cake is quite recent, dating back to the last century. To understand why it is called so we must tell two legends. According to some, the cake takes its name from its rounded shape reminiscent of the famous Russian headdress, the colbacco.
For others, it would take this name as a Veronese pastry chef who prepared a dessert for a beautiful ice-eyed girl he had fallen in love with while sailing the seas of northern Europe for work. Being close to Russia he called his creation Russian Cake. Probably this is the reason since Verona is the city of love.

This post is dedicated to Luisella from, who mixes Italy and Finland with love.

• puff pastry

• 100g=1/2 cup butter

• 150g = ¾ cups sugar

• 170g =1  3/8  cups 00/all-purpose/plain /regular flour

• 100g =1/2 cup peeled almonds

• 100g =3/4 cup amaretti cookies

• 3 eggs

• 2 tsp. baking powder

• lemon zest

• ½ tsp of salt

Melt the butter.

Chop the almonds and crumble the amaretti.

Whip the eggs with the sugar, add the melted butter, and finally almonds, amaretti, and flour.

Add the grated lemon peel and mix the ingredients.
Roll out the dough on the cake tin.

 Prick it with the prongs of the fork before pouring the prepared mixture.

 Fold the edges of the dough inwards so that you want to enclose the cake.

Finally, brush the edge with the beaten yolk.

Bake at 160° for 35 minutes.

(Always do the toothpick test to check the degree of cooking).

Try this recipe with a nice cappuccino, sipping chocolate or tea!