A perfect recipe for an appetizer, a side dish, or a main dish even in the desk lunchbox.

Ca.6 servings

• 1 kg = ca. 2 pounds of octopus

• 1 kg = ca. 2 pounds  of potatoes

•  fresh parsley

• 1/2 glass EVOO

• half a lemon (1 whole depending on taste)

• fine salt

• pepper mix beans to grind at the moment

. First of all thoroughly clean the octopus by removing the bone, eyes, and slags from the head, cook it following all the step by step secrets that you find in the post How to Cook an Octopus

While the octopus is cooking, chop on a cutting board 1 handful of parsley.

Put the parsley in a bowl add half of the oil, salt, and pepper then add the fresh lemon juice.

When you have obtained an amalgamated mixture, place it in a bowl with the rest of the oil.

Mix very well, cover, and set aside in infusion.

Boil the potatoes in plenty of salted water for about 20 minutes. The potatoes have not to be too soft. Peel them and cut them into large cubes, otherwise, they will crumble when you go to mix them. Let them cool apart (do not pile up)

When the octopus is soft and well cooked, transfer it to a cutting board and let it cool! do not cut the hot octopus otherwise, the tentacles come off!

Slice pieces of about 2 cm = half an inch when it is cold.

At this point add a part of seasoning in the octopus, stirring well; a part of seasoning in potatoes, stirring well. Finally, add the octopus with the potatoes, mix everything together gently, consider whether to add salt, pepper, a pinch of lemon more or even a round of oil according to your tastes!

Let stand for at least 1 h in the fridge before serving! even all night!

Before serving, leave at room temperature for some time!