Once, taking the schiscetta/lunch box from home was almost a shame because it meant that you were poor

The old schiscetta

Today, no, it’s a fashion, a topic of conversation. To clear the art of the schiscetta there is a myth to dispel: time. Preparing lunch the day before requires extra time, in most cases in the evening when you are already tired and you don’t want to “waste time” in the kitchen. Well, that’s not the case. With a little knowledge and organization the preparation of the schiscetta  is possible in a simple and fast way. Some more ideas:

1 – Cous cous
It is the best ally for lunch in the office, it is prepared in 5 minutes and can be seasoned as desired: with vegetables, with meat, with tuna, with fish. It can be the basis for cooked vegetable salads or be the main ingredient of other tasty preparations. Today: carrots, capers, salmon and a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar

2-Green salad 

Many  possibilities, let’s try green salad, almonds, apple, hard cheese ( we used Asiago)

3- Savoury cake. In the picture you see Erbazzone   done with spinach, pancetta, egg  but it’s possible to avoid the  pancetta.

I’m going to publish the recipe  soon.

4- Boiled potatoes .They are the ingredient that prepares itself. Just cook them in water  with a pinch of salt. After about 30 minutes check the cooking level. Once cooked and peeled after cooling, they can simply be seasoned with oil, salt and pepper, or combined with ham cubes to have a full meal of carbohydrates and proteins.

Or with pickled boiled egg, fresh tomatoes, dried tomatoes, carrots 

5) Panzanella, this is my Tuscan influence .Traditional Tuscan dish with old bread, tomatoes, onions, basil, and good extra virgin olive oil