Today I was talking to friends about how to help hair growth and we came up with the old system with rosemary

Rosemary is considered the balsamic plant par excellence among the Mediterranean ones and used since ancient times for its medicinal properties

Speaking specifically about hair there are two possible uses:

1 )boil 1 sprig rosemary in 2 cups water for 4 minutes and then use this water -when it’s tepid-to rinse the hair after washing them

2 )cook in a saucepan two tbsp EVOO and a sprig of rosemary, boil for 4 minutes. When it is cold rub the scalp with it

But also using rosemary when cooking is good for your health .Here are some examples

Focaccia with rosemary, you can eat it by itself or with some good cheese or salami or prosciutto or some beautiful tomatoes click here for the link focaccia with rosemary

For a beautiful tomato sauce with herbs to accompany your pasta, click here for the link

For a fish dish, such as Light Baked Potatoes and Tuna . Click here for the link

For Roasted Meat. Click here for the link

And again with fish in our Pomegranate and Cod, click here for the link

You will say, not in a dessert? Oh yes also in it with an extra traditional Tuscan Castagnaccio click here for the link

And these are just a few possibilities. Let’s use herbs in your dishes to give more taste and health!

Just a tip: if you buy the rosemary because you have not the occasion of cultivating it, you can always use a sprig and keep the others in a vase with water like flowers or let them get dry and then keep them in a jar.