A holiday dish with something red? Something not heavy and original? Pan-Cooked Cod with Pomegranate Sauce: Pomegranate gives ruby ​​hues to a simple pan-cooked cod. A handful of fragrant herbs will give an aromatic touch to the dish

 Cod 300 g =11 oz.

Marjoram 1 sprig

Thyme 1 sprig

1 sprig rosemary

Sage 1 sprig

Salt up to taste

Black pepper to taste

Extra virgin olive oil to taste


Pomegranate 1

Water 230 g = 1 cup

Potato starch 25 g = 2 tbsp.

For the pomegranate sauce, cut the pomegranate a little above and a little below and then cut it into wedges. The beans will come out more easily; then shell the pomegranate and collect the grains in a bowl.

Cut the herbs into small pieces.

Pour 2 tablespoons of oil into a non-stick pan and cook the cod in the pot, about 5 minutes each side. Salt and pepper and add the chopped herbs.

Pour the pomegranate seeds into a saucepan (keep some fresh aside for the final decoration).

Add 200 g ( ¾ cup)of water and cook for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, dissolve the potato starch in the remaining 30 g (1/4 cup)of cold water in order to dissolve it without forming lumps

Add the starch dissolved in the water to the saucepan with the pomegranate grains, stir and cook for another 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture into the glass of the mixer. Blend until you get a smooth sauce.

Filter the sauce obtained through a colander, to retain the hardest part of the beans. Salt and pepper the pomegranate sauce and flavor it.

In the meantime the cod is ready, turn off and prepare the serving dish: pour the pomegranate sauce on the bottom, place the cod fillets on top, garnish with the pomegranate grains kept aside and immediately serve your cod with pomegranate.

Beautiful dish to serve but very light and the sauce can be used on other occasions. If you have made too much, freeze it and use it to serve other dishes.