If you  do not have a 4 star restaurant,  you do not live 30 minutes away from a truffle area

how you can prepare  a great  pasta with truffle?

The truffle,or tartufo in Italian, is the fruiting body of a particular category of mushrooms .These mushrooms live underground, growing at a depth ranging from a few centimeters up to, in very rare cases, one meter. Once ripe, the truffles produce an intense and penetrating scent that goes beyond the barrier of the ground .

So you can imagine how intense they are in any preparation and -of course-if you have the occasion of tasting the fresh ones you’ll never forget the intensity.

Buying fresh truffles is only possible in restricted times of the year and anyway extremely expensive.Be careful not to buy fake ones as they’ll never donate you the pleasure of the real ones.

Considering that the various  types of truffles  change availability during the year, you wonder how to reproduce such a pleasure any time of the year?

 The best way is to purchase preserved truffles and truffle creams. The preserved truffles are perfect if you can get the sliced ones as they are  easy to be used in a pasta, in a risotto or a few of them on meat or some vegetables. The creams are perfect  to be used in pasta sauces, or  for crostini.

Here we suggest an extremely simple sauce for pasta: the most difficult thing is to buy the right produce. Please, read the labels well: where does it come from, where it is produced.

To get some information about production areas and  prices you can read some interesting articles on  truffle production, season and prices  and even on the truffle collector on  www.tartufo.com

  This is our simple recipe, then remember every time you have the occasion to taste fresh truffle, freshly grated or sliced   you will enjoy  it even better.                                        

                                                  Sauce with preserved sliced truffle


fresh pasta 400 g

butter 80 g

preserved sliced black truffle 30-40 g

salt to taste


Melt the butter in a pan or microwave being careful not to boil it. Mix half of the preserved  sliced truffle with the butter . Mix well and place it in a large pan, that can contain the pasta.

Bring the water for the pasta to boil in a pot.

Cook the pasta in salted water.

Keep one ladle of the pasta water aside.

Start heating the butter mixed with the truffle, add some salt

Drain the pasta al dente.

Add the pasta in the butter and truffle, add the ladle of pasta water and sauté to obtain  a creamy mixture.

Add the other sliced truffle on the pasta and mix.

Serve and enjoy it !

Tip:if you have the occasion join truffle Festivals which are in various parts of Italy at different time