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Too often, herbs and spices were considered, in Italian Cooking, simple additions, optional ingredients to use in some occasion or when you remember. Yet herbs and spices can be crucial for the success of a dish, and they are perfect in healthy food for their therapeutic properties

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Today we talk about : Sage = Salvia

  • “Chi ha la salvia nell’orto ,ha la salute nel corpo”
  • Who has the sage in the garden health in the body

SALVIA   SAGE in Latin Healthy.

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There are many recipes that use sage. It can never be missing out on roasts and kebabs, because it combines very well the taste of the meat, especially red ones.

Wanting to try a use different from the usual, you can put it in the mixture of finely chopped eggs and flour used to make pasta and noodles and season them.

The ideal use is on some fish like trout and sole cooked in butter, but it also combines very well with white meats, such as using it as a flavoring for stuffing rolls, and borlotti beans or cannellini beans and pork in general.

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The leaves to be dried for storage, should be harvested before flowering