When in Tuscany try Meat and Poultry

When in Tuscany ,try the variety of  “secondi piatti “we have.In Italy the “secondo piatto” is the second dish, the one following pasta or risotto or soup.We do not serve the pasta and meat   together:we may serve the meat and poultry  with vegetable on the same dish.

Something special to taste:

Cinghiale in Umido,Stew  Wild Boar. A specialty in Tuscany, unexpected  taste of wild boar cooked with herbs  and some tomato ( as you can see in our short video)


Scaloppine with Balsamic Vinegar and Beans,it may be turkey, chicken, veal .

DSC_6623Bocconcini   all’arrabbiata con pomodorini:bocconcini means bite size, perfect for a party and ,of course, “all’arrabbiata”  means a little hot,everything served with cherry tomatoes.


Vitello tonnato,veal cooked  with vegetables, sliced and served with a delicate tuna based sauce.

IMG_1992Arrosto misto , mixed roasted meat,including sausages,pork, turkey, chicken .This is  absolutely a must  when in Tuscany, one of the most traditional Tuscan dishes:it’s easy  to be cooked  when you know tricks about herbs and cooking time.


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