The least touristy places where to eat in Siena

Tearoom Siena 2
La Diana Siena 3
LaDiana Siena 1
Siena Particolare Rist. 6
Rist.Particolare Siena.
Restaurant Siena Particolare 9

Eat like a local, even on a tourist’s itinerary
Whether you’re entertaining out-of-towners or just making the rounds to Siena’s most popular sights, eat at places where you can immerse yourselves more in the town lifestyle.
Italians tend to eat out to entertain themselves with friends choosing the premises for different reasons: for example the charming and cool cozy place, the brewery with Tuscan meat hamburger or the stylish restaurant. Let’s introduce these three different places in Siena.
Tea Room is super cozy and welcoming. There are big sofas and chairs to sit in and good music playing . Really friendly staff ready to suggest you beautiful teas. Without forgetting the great cakes ,and Ilario -the owner -who prepares mixtures of teas.This charming place suits everyone, even who is not really fond of teas.
Birreria la Diana Looks like a typical pub, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you like your hamburgers – lots to choose from.You can taste the beer they produce at the Brewery.Although this is a beer house, you can also get wine. You can meet here young twenty somethings , young families and a few older people.
Particolare ,in a ancient town like Siena, it’s notable a modern style restaurant with stylish design,carefully thought out details .Let’s add the friendliness of the staff to the quality of the food cooked with mastery up to, well presented dishes. Your pleasure starts when you see the plate – mix of colors, textures and composition.

3 thoughts on “The least touristy places where to eat in Siena

  1. Molto interessante! Non sapevo nemmeno che esistono questi posti cosi belli!
    Mi piacerebbe visitare tutti perche sono stati descritti in modo amichevole e piacevole. Sono anche incantata delle foto – belle che prometano i momenti piacevoli e deliziosi ❤
    Grazie ancora
    Cari saluti 🙂


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