The typical organization of meals in everyday Italian life is simple but fundamental and involves so many facets

Cappuccino & Brioche
Cappuccino & Brioche

Colazione-Breakfast (difficult to  say at what time,let’s say most people around 7 am)

Many Italians  drink just an Espresso but a quintessential Italian breakfast is  a cappuccino with a brioche or biscuits/cookies. The brioche is a type of croissant filled with jam (con marmellata),chocolate or served plain (vuota).

Some people drink tea , cereals are  quite common and do not forget Nutella.

Italian snack

Spuntino or Merendina (around 10:30 am)

For some people this is the coffee break for other  some schiacciata( kind of focaccia) with  cold cuts ,for other  just a fruit

 Pranzo-Lunch ( North of Italy at 12:30 – South of Italy 2:30 pm)

Lunch comprises of a primo, i.e. first course that consists of pasta or rice or soup, followed by secondo piatto, i.e. second course, meat or fish or egg and a contorno, i.e. any vegetable dish or salad dish. 

Pasta ,Water & Wine

Bread fruit are eaten and people mostly drink water and wine. After luch a good Caffè Espresso .

Lunch is traditionally considered the main  meal of the day. Nowadays  this is changing a little bit in big towns but children eating at a school are  still served the meal in the traditional order.

Spuntino or Merendina  (around 5:30 pm)

It can be tea time or some other snack moment,but snack such as a piece of  focaccia or a fruit.

Italian Light Dinner

Cena Dinner ( North of Italy 7 pm.  In South of Italy at 10 .00 pm)

The dinner menu maybe very similar to  a lunch,including a  light soup and light dishes in general always  with the option primo, secondo and contorno.

By a statistic Italians eat at least 3 times per week pasta,4 times per week bread such as vegetables,2 times per week meat  and 1 time fish and there are still some having pasta twice per day every single day.

This is  just a fast overview and we know we are not talking about many relevant  facts such as the use of bread, or when to drink cappuccino,or…we’ll talk another time.