Lemon cake is a delicious dessert, that can be served with a filling of lemon cream without milk good also for lactose intolerant people.The lemon cake is very soft and you can eat without filling or enrich it with a cream.The one we suggest here is without milk ,it is good and a little gelatinous. If you prefer you can serve it with a classic lemon flavored pastry cream. 

For the cake: 4 eggs – 200 grams of sugar – 150 ml of seed oil – 1 lemon – 200 grams of 00 flour/plain flor/all purpose flour-  50 grams of potato starch – 8 gr. baking powder

For the filling:  300 ml of water- 200 grams of sugar- 50 grams of potato starch-1 egg yolk-1 whole egg-1 lemon-icing sugar

Separate the yolks from the whites; whisk the egg whites until stiff.

In a separate bowl whip the egg yolks with the sugar then add the juice of a lemon, the grated zest and the oil .

Pour the flour, starch and sifted baking powder into it.

Finally pour in the beaten egg whites, folding them with a wooden spoon or spatula to incorporate air into the dough.

Coat a baking tin with baking paper and pour the cake mixture into it.

Bake the lemon cake in a preheated oven at 180C°/350F° and cook for 30 minutes.

Once cooked, take it out of the oven and let it cool.

Meanwhile prepare the lemon cream without milk.

In a thick-bottomed saucepan, melt the sugar in water over low heat.

Separately, work the egg with the yolk, the starch and the juice and peel of a lemon. Pour the boiling water into the eggs and mix.

Put the mixture in a saucepan and cook the cream over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, for about 10 minutes or until the lemon cream has thickened completely.

Go now to assemble the cakes: cut the cake into 2 horizontal disks, stuffed with lemon cream.

Cover with the other cake disc and apply a little pressure so that the lemon filling is distributed equally throughout the cake.

Then sprinkle the lemon cake with icing sugar and serve.