All of us ,world of travellers,would like to have the possibility of meeting locals, talk to them and  discover how really people live in that place, what they really eat,not what is written   about them.

1.First step:choose a village where the life has a slower, pace, where people have time to say hello and be friendly .For instance Radda in Chianti.

2.Book a familiar B&B, and Airbnb whose host will be there with you, a small Hotel where even the Concierge likes talking to you

3.Get your breakfast at a coffee shop where all the locals go,and  dinner in a cute small restaurant or pizza place

 4.Do activities, such  as wine tasting, cycling, where they smile to you, not just insist in selling you something.

 5.Take classes with locals:attend cooking classes in a private home.The cooking class is a good experience to know more about ingredients, techniques and especially about lifestyle.

6.Rent a car  as driving   outside of town is easy  or book  organized transfers, getting rides from authorized locals

7.  Go on tours with locals   but especially get goods and foods from locals

This is what we  want to help you to organize with our My Tuscany Package and Case for 2 or 3 days.

Package if you need transfers, Case if you have your car.

Let’s choose and book directly ,in the centers of the small jewel towns of Radda or Gaiole in Chianti ,the accommodation that best matches your taste. The places suggested are  those our previous participants liked mostly.Nice places at walking distance  from  coffee shops, shops and restaurants.

 Imagine your time with us. We join and pick you to have dinner together.

The morning after you can have your breakfast at the accommodation or in one of  the typical  small coffee shops in Radda.We drive you to the Cooking class  with us, in  typical Italian home. Quite ancient, from the XIII century.

At Toscana Mia we organize small groups ,including solo travellers,very personal  program  ,also the menu are personalized taking care of interests and allergies.

These give you not just a taste of the culinary tradition of the area you’re visiting, but also a hand-on feel for what happens  in Tuscan kitchens. With us you’ll enjoy classes in a real Italian home. 

Then we have lunch together, talking about our lives, countries.

One afternoon we drive to a winery and have  wine tasting and extra virgin olive oil, then tour of the beautiful ancient area introducing you to locals in shops and coffee shops.

In the evening  after such a  long day back to your accommodation. Dinner at leisure 

We’ll help you to know the places but especially the people.

Please, ask information directly to us

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Ciao .