The streets are lit up and the squares are filled with trees decorated with thousand colored balls:

the Christmas season has arrived!

It’s time for presents and during your last trip to Italy you had lots of ideas for you, your family

and your friends. There are many original Italian gifts:

1. Give typical products

A good wine, a good honey or even better the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Think about giving

the typicality of the place, perhaps buying from small local shops. You remember the

little “alimentari”( food shop )full of everything in the small Tuscan town?

2 .You order a Vinsanto, then you cannot miss the  Biscotti di Prato . You can take the real

and original directly from the Mattei Biscuit Factory or prepare them yourself with that

Biscotti recipe you had at Toscana Mia cooking school.

3. Give an experience. You have friends who ask for advice because  you know Tuscany,

you would like to make a gift for their honeymoon or graduation. They love cooking or

have never cooked ,they are curious about Italian cuisine and then a Half Day Cooking class is perfect.

4. Don’t forget that you tried the mezzaluna Italian chopper and you promised to give it  as

a present with a nice red bow. You are missing all those tools to make pasta,you can get them directly from Italy.

5. Thinking about cookies, it comes to mind that it is so good to serve them with tea: but tea

is not typical Italian. Now it is so common that there are beautiful specialized places: The Via del Tè 

in Florence has even created the  blend The Secrets of the Medici Family.

6. Do not forget the Pandoro, Panettone which cannot miss on a Italian Christmas table.You can serve  by themselves, with some nice sauces ,caramel or mandarin jam,or even stuffing the Panettone with gelato.

7. We talked  how good the gelato-filled panettone is  and you were forgetting about  the ice cream machine. If you are a grandfather or a grandmother it is mandatory to have it and then on the vanilla ice cream two drops of Balsamic Vinegar are so cool.

 8. Your friend, your grandson  eat  only gluten free. Amaze them with an Italian dish, pizza lasagne GF. Look for Schaer, their products. They are Italians who know our recipes but they want to allow us to make them GF. Find them on all major sales platforms.

9.You were looking for a more important gift, why not thinking of Italian Vintage Family .

For example, the tea cup seen before with the tea. Made in Italy with a new life, from a simple

pair of earrings from the ’60s to a beautiful object for the party table .

10. Haven’t you been to Tuscany yet? This is your gift. Contact B&B, Self catering apartments

or Hotel and join us  with friends, family or by yourself.

All Christmas gift ideas  go well throughout the year because our life can’t be just now.

 Best Wishes Next Year.

We are not sponsored, we are only convinced that these are good ideas and if you want any other advice, please, ask for.