Today I received my Mother’s Day Gift: Japanese Cooking Class.

It was a surprise, I hadn’t thought of it, but my daughters, I, and my sister had a beautiful time years ago in Japan and still love Japanese food.

So next week we will have our class together, and it’s going to be a good change considering now it’s not easy to travel and even have a cooking class in town.

They gave me the idea to suggest everybody a live Online Italian Cooking Class as a gift for Mother’s day:

-Mum can cook with family during the connection

-children and dad can learn to cook something for Mum

-Mum will enjoy the class by herself when everybody is out 

There are many possibilities, excellent time availability(Ok you are in Australia? It will be night for us)

Great dishes availability. Let’s talk about what you would like to give as a gift and organize it.

We offer this class on Toscana There we suggest some dishes and timetable, but for a Gift, we can prepare other meals.

Live Online Italian Cooking Class

It will be a lot of fun for everybody, that’s what I expect for me.

Happy Mother’s day to all of you, Mums and not Mums.

 Don’t forget excellent Italian aperitif!!!

Photo by Salo Al on