Half Day Hands on Cooking Classess in Chianti We are starting our Cooking Classes in Tuscany again: Toscana Mia is reopening the doors. We organize everything with every possible security measure: we can cook together, we keep distances ( we’re lucky as our kitchens are large) and limiting the class to 4 persons.

We are so glad to start again as teaching in person is so lovely, and these past 20 years we met many interesting people from everywhere and learnt so much, too.

Anyway, during this quarantine and limitation months, we have learned many things and started new possibilities we enjoy so much.

Youtube We started uploading videos on Youtube to entertain our friends with new dishes. It is odd to record but especially teaching with no audience in person.

Then we realized an entire program Homemade Italian Cooking Course with Italians on Udemy, that allows us to add new recipes and techniques continuously. Exciting experience as it gave us the idea of how we have to teach step by step even things which usually are so self-evident for us.

The other big step was  Cooking Class live online, and we had the great chance to meet entire families spread in various areas.

Preparing the list of necessary ingredients and tools before the class for participants so that they could have all of them available, we realized how important it is. And then we could easily compare with their utensils and ingredients when working online.

 These months made us enlarge our vision, see small differences around the world while big things were happening.

Sometimes small things teach us big lessons. How was it for you?