When you name Cheese cake to Italians, we think of a typical American or German cake with a crusty hard base done with biscuits/cookies and a soft cheese consistency on top.

If you ask if we have Italian Cheese cakes we do not know what to answer as we do not usually name them Cheese cakes, they have their traditional names .Then, thinking of their ingredients we realise they are cheese cakes.

Let me give you some examples:

Ricotta e Zafferano,where the saffron may take advantage and give an unexpected nice taste.

Ricotta Cheese cake, this is great because it’s also gluten free, easy to make .And you can add a touch of grated chocolate .

Crostata di Ricotta al Cioccolato,a little more complex to prepare but simply fantastic.

All of them with ricotta:this is the perfect cheese for our cakes .If you’re interested in making Ricotta at home follow Homemade Italian Cooking Course .

Considering that mascarpone is a cheese,have you ever thought that also Tiramisù may be considered a Cheese cake.Would you agree ?

Have a nice National Cheese Cake day !