What sharing a meal / a recipe means?

I’ve always loved travelling by myself or in small groups to see new places, meet people and always enthusiast of trying different food, visiting markets and grocery stores.

I admit that sometimes I was not too fond of all the food, but it was always interesting to try with the original recipe eating with locals.

Canadian anthropologist Gillian Crowther” insists that commensality — sharing a meal with someone, eating and drinking together behind the same table — is one of the most important manifestations of sociality in all cultures. Eating together confirms the sense of belonging, being part of a community”.

I had always cooked with my mother and sister and had a lot of friends in wine production, balsamic vinegar production and others.

Working for a nutrition company day after day in contact with dieticians, I was more and more interested also in healthy food. The foods you eat have significant effects on your health and quality of life.

 Although eating healthy can be relatively simple, we forget that there is healthy food in other cultures.

“Science can enrich our culinary experiences by deepening their meaning, and revealing their links with the rest of the world “- Harold McGee in  On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen.

From these experiences, it was natural to feel that sharing your culture with others may be an exciting life step.

I started teaching Italian cooking when to have a restaurant or teach cooking was not considered fancy. 

Nowadays working in food is a broader thing. Let’s consider how healthy food and food production have significant environmental impacts.

Sincerely all of these years have been more than excellent and gave me the occasion to meet so many beautiful people.

Simonetta de’Mari Graduated in Biology and Food Science. 

Consultant for a Dutch nutritional Company, I love travelling , photography and meeting people and learn more from other countries. I quit my job to teach Italian Cooking and I still do it with love and enthusiasm Toscana Mia in Tuscany and Florence and online.