Today is Lasagna Day, and it’s great to hear that Lasagne are celebrated with their own day. I write about them in plural because the dish is prepared with layers of pasta sheets, so it becomes Lasagne, plural. Also, spaghetti are plural, and we always talk about them plural. The Italian language is steadily concerned about these food differences. Strange, isn’t it?

It’s   a perfect day to remember how many varieties  of Lasagne can be  made from the traditional ones with a meat sauce to the  totally vegetable ones, or the very first ones with green sheets.

The only strange thing is that in Italy we would not eat Lasagne in July as the weather is hot for such a filling dish. The only exception in summer is usually August 15th: at dinner, we also eat rather heavy dishes such as Lasagne or Eggplant/Aubergine Parmigiana, because it’s the traditional parties’ day during Summer holidays.

Going back to Lasagne,  we have not to forget that in some Italian area they are also called Pasta al Forno, i.e. Baked pasta.

So today we underline  the  Lasagne Recipe

The Puttanesca recipe in the version baked in the oven.

And the more traditional Pasta al Forno.(here the recipe )(here the video)

Buon appetito!Happy Lasagna Day !