“Buono come il pane”,as good as bread  means a person is  a very good person.

This is one of the many expressions which refers to bread in Italy. Every Region, every town every baker has a different bread . Anyway we have specific identification for at least 300 hundred types of bread.

 We are not among the largest consumers of bread in the world but bread is in our daily eating. For this we still have many artisan bakers where the bread can be better than the homemade one because there is more experience and better ovens .

 Bread is versatile, it goes well with cold cuts, with salad, with meat, fish and it is durable because even if old it can be used in many different ways.

 For those who have the passion” per mettere le mani in pasta” to have their hands in the dough, see the bread that rises and choose the flours to use, there are many recipes of Italian bread that can be made at home.

For now let’s see 3 of them with different flours:

Italian Durum Wheat Bread ,crispy ,fragrant and golden in color

Farro Bread,with the oldest variety of cultivated wheat

Ciabatta,one of the most requested Italian breads.This is a faster and easier recipe.

There are so many other recipes for everyday bread, bread with fruits or focaccias. Next time we’ll see some of them.