The Tintoretto cocktail was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, the inventor of the best-known Bellini Cocktail, in 1948.  Cipriani, who at the time was the owner and head bartender of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, made it known along with many other cocktails: the Bellini, (prosecco and peach), the Mimosa (sparkling wine and orange), the Rossini (fresh strawberries puree and sparkling wine).

The Tintoretto cocktail is prepared using a part of sparkling wine, or alternatively spumante, and a part of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. It takes its name from the painter of Venetian origin known as Tintoretto.

1/3 pomegranate

2/3 cold sparkling wine

Shell the pomegranate with your hands on an iron colander so that all the juice comes out. Do not use blenders (it fills with air and in this cocktail, there must not be).

Strain again into a thick mesh in a glass container and store the juice in the refrigerator together with the bottle of sparkling wine.

Compose the glass with 1/3 of pomegranate and 2/3 of cold sparkling wine, serve.

Tintoretto is classified as one of the Sparkling cocktails or a drink that has as its main component a sparkling wine (such as prosecco, sparkling wine, or champagne)

There is only one tip to make the perfect Tintoretto: make sure that the pomegranates are well ripe, otherwise, they would be too acidic and ruin the cocktail.

The best time to prepare it is undoubtedly the month of October when the pomegranates have reached maturity and offer sweet grains with a delicate flavor, but for its intense red color, it is the ideal cocktail for fall and winter festivities.

This cocktail can be served in flutes or in old-fashioned glasses and must be cold.

It is a perfect drink as an aperitif or as an undemanding drink, also excellent as a brunch cocktail or for light toasts or to accompany fish dinners.

Cin cin, salute!!!