The Mimosa cocktail is a fresh and light drink based on orange juice and bubbles, much loved all over the world. The mimosa itself was invented by a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1925, who gave this cocktail the name of the yellow flower that so remembered in color, precisely the mimosa. But a few years earlier, in London, an almost identical cocktail was born, called Buck’s Fizz named after the place where it was conceived!

Mimosa in Italy is considered an aperitif, but overseas it is consumed especially during Sunday brunches, as a “sparkling” alternative to orange juice.

For a person:

 Sparkling brut 75 ml =2.5 oz

Orange juice  75 ml=2.5 oz

 1 orange slice to garnish

 To prepare mimosa, squeeze the orange – about half of it

Filter with a narrow mesh strainer

 Pour the juice into a flute

Add the cold Brut sparkling wine

From the remaining orange you get a crescent-shaped slice

Lightly engraving the slice so that you can apply it on the glass

 Your Mimosa cocktail is ready to be served cold and sparkling !


For the preparation of this drink use only fresh orange juice and not ready-made juices : the taste will be different.

The ingredients will all have to be well cold from the refrigerator for the success of the cocktail.

The Mimosa cocktail should be enjoyed immediately after preparation. If you store in the fridge it will lose its flavor.

Salute !