Chocolate pinecones: festivities decoration and dessert.

Chocolate pinecones are a nice and simple recipe to beautify your holiday table. You can use these pinecones both as placeholders and as centerpieces Anyway it is a nice no bake no cook Christmas dessert.

• 120 g =1/2 a cup Marie biscuits/cookies (digestive or similar)

• 30 g 2 1/8 tbsp Unsalted Butter

• 3 tbsp Nutella®(or similar)

• 3 tbsp milk (if needed)

• Chocolate cereals shaped like little boats (type coco pops )

• Icing sugar/custard/confectioners ‘sugar

Preparation of the dough

 To prepare the chocolate pinecones, first prepare the chocolate dough.

 Put the cookies in a blender or mixer and reduce them to powder.

Transfer the biscuit powder to a bowl and add the butter into small pieces.

Start kneading, meanwhile add a tablespoon of Nutella at a time.

 You will have to get a soft and malleable dough, if you think it is too hard adding a few drops of milk.

 Divide the dough into 2 portions, and give the shape of a pointed arancino (you don’t know arancino? imagine a fat cone)

 Let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.


With patience, insert the cereals into the dough: to simulate the shape of the pinecone proceed in circles starting from the top. Between one circle and another the cereals should be overlapped a little, as well as the “leaves” of the pinecones in nature.

 Before serving, dust the pinecones with icing sugar/confectioners’/custard sugar

 Set them on the table and then enjoy them!


 do not keep them in the fridge for a long time. They are stored for a couple of hours at room temperature.

I do not recommend freezing. Suggestion

You can enrich the chocolate dough with chopped dried fruit, removing a part of biscuits.

 You can replace Nutella with other types of spreads.

 You can replace the butter with spreadable cheese or fresh cottage cheese.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate pinecones: festivities decoration and dessert.

  1. I so enjoy receiving and reading your posts. We visited you in September 2019 – I was one of the “lazy girls” who accompanied my husband to your Cooking Class. We had the most fabulous time. I hope this finds you well and happy. Merry Christmas!


  2. Hello Linda, thank you very much for following us and your nice words.We’re well and we’re organising our Christmas .Wish you and your husband all the best for the New Year.

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