What to prepare for Christmas ?, let’s get some Italian traditional ideas.

Last-minute you need some ideas, here are some of the most traditional ones for Christmas.

In Italy, a Christmas meal is a serious moment, from appetizer to Primo Piatto, Secondo Piatto, and Dessert. And not one of each. You do not know what Primo and Secondo piatto are ? read our short blog about this important part of the Italian lifestyle.

A great antipasto can be Fried Codfish

First of all Lasagne, what is Italian Christmas without lasagne? Usually, we eat Cappelletti in a tasty broth to help us “to open the stomach”(ancient roman tradition) and then lasagne, with one of the many traditional family recipes.

Second dish: this depends very much on the Region we’re having our Christmas. And it cannot be a last-minute decision.

Dessert: oh Mamma Mia, this is the final part of an important meal and you cannot imagine how many are offered.

Candied Orange Peel: this is a fast, zero waste recipe that can accompany other desserts.

Panettone with gelato, with sauces

Mostaccioli , a special experience for chocolate lovers.

Did you get any idea?

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